Demi Lovato is going to launch The Lovato Scholarship Program in honor of her father. 

it’s so refreshing to see someone as famous and popular as she is with teen girls be so honest about mental illness

It’s also really refreshing to see a celebrity putting money into getting actual treatment for people, not just vague “awareness”.

Add this to the list of reasons I like her.

She is so amazing. Words can’t describe how much I love her.

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Demi Lovato || Give Your Heart A Break


Charlotte Sometimes - Give Your Heart A Break

dawwww. charlooooooooootte
all of the love. 

i’ve generally had a dislike for demi lovato’s music/voice… but gdi. this song may have become a favorite. >.>

don’t get me wrong, i’ve come to respect her as a person since her rehab. not your typical hollywood kid, considering she stuck with it and completed it.

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